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Currency Converter That Allows You to Convert Multiple Currencies in Two Keystrokes
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Currency Converter Program That Exchanges Rates of Multiple Currencies Simultaneously.

Kneson Software's currency calculator is a desktop replacement currency converter that quickly and easily calculates the value of one currency into another. Kneson's Currency Calculator remembers the currencies you want to calculate exchange rates for forever - even after you close the program and restart it! Why wrestle with website currency converters that make you use the mouse and keyboard to select multiple currencies, then forgets your selections after one conversion making you select them all again?  Never select currencies to convert over and over again! Convert currencies with as few as two keystrokes and dozens of currencies at the same time.

Currency Converter interface
Interface example. Not full scale.
Kneson's Currency Calculator has:
Unlimited FREE exchange rate updates.
No subscriptions ever!.
Easy exchange rate updates. Updating exchange rates is as easy as selecting a menu item and clicking a button.
Speed and Memory. Remembers your currency selections and exchanges currencies instantly.
The Currency Calculator is the solution for people that need to perform multiple currency exchanges with sets of base and target currencies quickly for any date. Choose a base currency, then select the multiple target currencies you want the conversions for. Your selections are automatically saved and retained between program runs. Exchange just one currency or dozens!
Become Familiar With Old or Other Currencies
Use Currency Calculator to become familiar with other currencies quickly. If you are travelling to countries that you have not previously been to, you can use Currency Calculator for your expense reports or personal accounting without being hampered by slow web-based exchange rate calculators. Or if you have found that you cannot get a "feel" for how much things cost because you are familiar with an old currency that has been replaced by the Euro, you can use Currency Calculator to improve your cost consciousness.
Replace Your Regular Desktop Calculator
Currency Calculator has all of the functionality of the Windows calculator, with all of the same calculation functions in the expected places inside the interface. The only difference is that the clear all key ('C' key) is half the width to make room for a key that allows you to select the base currency quickly from a pop-up list. Memory, percent (%), 1/x and Square Root (sqrt) keys still function in the exact same way, plus exchange rate calculation functions and a calendar are added in a single interface.
2 Versions Available...
Multi-currency exhange rate calculator with historical charting of currency values against your choice of a default or base currency. You can use charts to spot trends in currency values, and track exchange rates to compare their performance.
Multi-currency exhange rate calculator with all the functionality of the enhanced versions plus interactive historical charting. Dynamically manipulate exchange rate data in three dimensional (3D) graphs. Change chart types & shapes on the fly.
ONLY $19.95  U.S.
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ONLY  $29.95  U.S.
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Our Ironclad 45 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Purchase the Currency Calculator today. Use it. Kneson Software is so sure that you will love the Currency Calculator technology that we offer a 100%, no-questions-asked money back guarantee for a FULL 45 DAYS. If at any time you feel that the Currency Calculator does not EXCEED your expectations, we will refund you immediately.
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